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പി. വത്സല (വിശിഷ്ട അംഗം കേരള സാഹിത്യ അക്കാദമി)

I have talked with many, ordinary people, friends and strangers, readers, writers, administrators, politicians of all type, orthodox and modern, consersvatives and optimistic ,children and grown up and people belonging to different regions and nations speaking other languages. So the difference between nations, regions, castes, races, men and women does not exist to me. I can make friends with all....

Nellu, A novel, caste on the life and times of a primeval tribal community, among the Western Ghat forests Disengaging the mainstream life story and discovering a plot fro the sub-culture Vatsala has done an important work. Attempting a theme unknown to the readers, Vatsala wrote Nellu. four decades back.


Chaver The word means a person or persons die for a Cause. The theme of the novel has a historical relevance. It represents a period ,when many serious changes occurred especially in Kerala at a time the rural mass were suffering from poverty, a kind of slavery, under the privileged class, and the gigantic gap between those who have and have not

Nizhalurangunna Vazhikal
Novels “The Paths where Shadows sleep’ {Nizhalurangunna Vazhikal] {The Kerala Sahitya Akademi winner}
“The on looking Neem tree shed tears.
The hard bitten lips shed blood. Blood and tears mingled together. Nothing but the beating heard. She strangled her cry.
A collection of sixteen Stories
“The Flute” is the first story in this collection. The girl is sitting before her books to prepare for the mid summer exams. Suddenly she hears the Unnatural music like a cool wind to soothe the humidity of extreme heat and sleeplessness.
Pokku veyil Ponveyil
A Collection of 15 stories.
There is a story with an exclusive theme of the father of a child who had given one of his five daughters away in adoption to a distant place; to a place they talked strange language. The father missed his child and followed her to the place accepting a job of toiling on a farm.

But for a writer, the title of the novel, could have been .kalapam or Struggle, There were a number of agrarian riots or religious struggles in the history of South Malabar. But a n author is concerned with not the wars fought in places, but with the life experiences of those who suffered or witness the events occurred during or after real wars fought.

Kolli, A story, The story of a writer who was enslaved to the jungles, the black forests, the valleys, the Kiliammas and the holy people.

Letters from Eminent Writers
K.E.Mathai (Parappurath) Madras-4    
Ramu Kariat, Madras-83    
V.S. Keraleeyan    
Blamani Amma    
Rev. M.A. Thomas    


Ezhuthachan Puraskaram - 2021 By The Highest Literary Honour

Sanjayan Puraskaram-2018 by Tapasya Kala Sahithya Vedi

Kumkumam Award for Nellu

Kerala Sahitya academy award for Nizhalurangunna Vazhikal

Katha Award, New Delhi for Panguru pushpaththinte then

C.H.Muhammad Koya Award for Chaver

Rajeev Gandhi sadbhavana Award Vilapam

Sujatha Award for Vilapam

Padma Prabha Puraskaar for total works

Chandu Menon Award for total works


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