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  Dushyanthanum BhImanum .....

“Once he had bid fare well to the valley. But now he has come back! Not to fall on the chest of the valley, but to remove and take the wood work of the ancient home of his. He sees only a faint smile upon the face of his old acquaintances. He thought of the old days when life in the valley drifted through dilapidation and depravity .the memory lay as pebbles....


E.P. Rajagopal about this book, “The journey, from the specific situations of a woman to the common life fronts by Vatsala is wide and various. Therefore her feminine thoughts basically decide the background and growth of her stories. Where there no gender preferences also the spell appears. Importance comes on their own, and the stress is on feminine life.

Anupamayude Kaavalkkaran
Asokan ayaaLum

 “By her strong characters, their mental perseverance, Vatsala has become an unavoidable presence among the short story writers. These are beautiful stories.’  Publishers, S.P.C.S, Kottayam.      

He and Asokan  The Collection of fifteen latest stories by Vatsala Life is a mixture of sweet, sour, ironic, depressing, enthusiastic, voluntary, pretentious, and many other complex feelings. Life situations are simple or complicated beyond one’s control. It is the invariability of the creative writer to analyze all these.
Anna Meriye Neridan
 Chamundi Kuzhi  

Sumangala applied for three months leave but got only for two, because the officer thought, the event was one of their whims to go around. . And a slip disk is not such a serious illness to abstain from duty. Her husband had been admitted to one of those expensive nursing homes where it was like staying at a star hotel very expensive and coveted  many .It was a mid- summer day. And she could not wait for an auto. She struggled through the city .....


Excerpt fro the story,
”Parameswaran married Rugmini to have an assistant in his catering business. His job was to serve rice and curry to the pilgrims who visited the Krishna Temple. That was his livelihood the only mode of his earning. -----The last of his guests finished his dinner and climbed the steps leading to the lodge. Rugmini put out the lamp, and closed the door. She sat down in her kitchen and prepared for dinner. There was some rice in the basket.

List of Books by P.Vatsala
Novalukal [Novels]
  1. Nezalurangunna vazikal
  2. Agneyam
  3. Palayam
  4. Melppalam
  5. Venal
  6. Nellu
  7. Thakarcha
  8. Namparukal
  9. Thrishnatude Pookkal
10. Kooman Kolli
11. Kanal
12. Gouthaman
13. Aarum Marikkunnilla
14. Chaver
15. Rosemeriyude agashangal
16. Vilapam
17. Aadijalam
Cherukathhakal [Short Stories]     
  1.  Pempi  
  2.  Aanavettakkaran
  3.  Dushyanthanum BhImanum illaaththa lokam
  4.  Anupamayude Kaavalkkaran
  5.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
  6.  Pamgurupushpaththinte then
  7.  Asokan ayaaLum Asokanum AyaaLum
  8.  Kali 98Thudarchcha
  9.  Konichchottile muriyil velichcham
10.  Kottayile Prema
11.  Pooram
12.  Karutha Mazha Peyyunna Thazhvara    
13.  Pokku veyil, Ponveyil.
14.  Pazhaya, Puthiya, Nagaram  
15.  Thirakkil Alpam Sthalam
16.  Arundhathi Karayunnilla
17.  Madakkam  
18.  Aaranyakandem  
19.  Kaalal, Kavaalal
20.  Unikkoran Chatopadhyaya  
21.  Mythiliyude Makal
22.  Chamundikkuzhi 23.  Chandala Bhikshukiyum-Marikkunna Pournamiyum
Thiranzadutha kathakal [Selected Stories]
  1. P.vathsalayude theranheduththa Kathakal
  2. Vatsalayude Kathakal
  3. Vatsalayude Sthreekal  
Yaathrakal [Travelogues]
  1. Gallery
  2. Verittoru amerikka  
Balasahithyangal [Childers’ Literature]
  1. Pulikkuttan
  2. Usha Rani