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Madakkam II (The Return - Another collection) 1998 D. C. Books

“A life is full; a cycle is completing the rotation.
He has spent thirty years as a company Executive. Should he return to his native home? Nothing is remaining there. One and only girl. She lives here and there. Now she is gone for ever. Gone with a man. She has selected him herself. The father has nothing to complaint. Prasannan has changed much. If Deepa’s mother returns from the other world, she would not recognize him. He sees not the bottom of life. It was polluted and flowing like a river in through the city. It hid every thing in her bosom. It has a nasty odour. , a stench which he had pretended not to have realized. The girls, who walked away with a smile on their face----“16he Valley the black rain pours. [A Collection of stories.]
“During the best hours of the day time he was searching for a mice trap. He split the green raw bamboo, and wove it with yucca thread and his fingers got heavy with steady work. His hand was full of scabs. Nowadays he is no more looking at his fingers. It is at the mice trap, he is looking at presently. There was a tool on his hand since the days he could remember of.. “I have been fighting since his childhood. What for? Who? What has he attained?