Arundhati Karayunnilla (Arundhati doe’snot Cry)

Having traversed long ways, and collected imagery expressions, Vatsala’s stories acquire immense beauty. Beyond mere construction, the glint of a hidden vision is vivid in her stories. The stories in this collection are proof of them. ——- The specific character of her stories is the metamorphosis attained by the daily experiences of human life. The transformation of eternal pains in every day life to mental disturbance is the narrative entity. To dream something great and to witness a philosophy against the same is the hypocrisy of life. The man who has lost his humaneness is and the eternal sorrow accrued from it is depicted in stories, like, The Mother’s Job, A Pouch of Mercy, and The Concentration Camp are typical of the same. Among the lavish lives of people there is no tomorrow, no concern for the society, not even a compassion for the sufferings of others. The traditional bondage between parents and children has disappeared. Above all we think that the globe and the accessories to satisfy our needs are exclusively designed for us , the present generation only. The truth that the human habitat has formed through ages of transformations and adjustments between the five elements of the universe, and the process of change would be going to worse from bad