Ashokanum Ayalum

He and Asokan  The Collection of fifteen latest stories by Vatsala
Life is a mixture of sweet, sour, ironic, depressing, enthusiastic, voluntary, pretentious, and many other complex feelings. Life situations are simple or complicated beyond one’s control. It is the invariability of the creative writer to analyze all these. All characters are true to life.
The title story opens, “The person who comes past the opened gate is a government servant, but nobody could that he is. After a year’s gap it was yesterday, that we have reached here, our holiday home. And the house was in darkness as usual. He has come to search and find out for the untoward reason of us having no supply, while all others have. He worked on the switch board relentlessly. After finishing the job, he sat for a while to rest and I asked him, why had he sought a position in this forest area?
“Is He not sitting here? He asked me. I could not understand what he meant. Who is he?
God! Who protect me always, and everywhere!
Asokan is a staunch believer. His wife is the opposite type. She could never understand him or Him. Thus they lead a life of conflict and compromise. Asokan was a weakling and he expected His arrival at any moment in his life. Unfortunately the thing happened while he was walking hurriedly to the bus stop and his last wish to pray to him was not satisfied.

Pachhandipparippinte Swadu   [The savor of the shooting cashew nut] is a story created out of the ever beautiful teenage life of a girl and a boy who did never met again in later days.