Chandalabhikshukiyum Marikkunna Pownamiyum (Chandalabhikshuki and the Dying full Moon)

“The Rat-eaters” is a disturbing story of the penury of a marginalized people living in the fertile Gaga Valley, in the 21st.Century. They are not nomads, nor are they out the recognized community. Yet they are compelled to live an inhumane life. The main-stream system of life is beyond their parameter. The land lords have huge chunks of paddy and wheat fields to cultivate in whole sale and at the end of each season the produce is procured and taken away from before their eyes and marketed beyond their horizon. During the break the lots of the villagers hunts and eat up the mice population from the fields thus helping the owners of land free from damage due to the abundance of the rodents.
In the story “the Girl Who Comes from Thalassery’
At a glance she looked like one who was coming out of a sentence in the prison.
What a change!
Isn’t it Parimala?
Where are you from?
There is a lot to say.
I should not have asked.
I have no time to hear.
Come in
She was happy.

It was eight years back; she had come to me—-
I had told her the very first day I am not an important person to obtain a job for her—
I gave her money for travel as usual and tried to dispose of her from my mind altogether but I could not—