The word means a person or persons die for a Cause.
The theme of the novel has a historical relevance. It represents a period ,when many serious changes occurred especially in Kerala at a time the rural mass were suffering from poverty, a kind of slavery, under the privileged class, and the gigantic gap between those who have and have not. Stipulated by new education, and contacted with Socialistic outlook, and angered by the foreign rule, there was a realization of the rights of a citizen as well as farmers working on land .who were deprived of any privileges. The novel is set in the northernmost district of Kerala,.which has witnessed a number of agrarian struggles. Sankaran Nambiar, the feudal King, has built up a mansion, which was to be sacrificed according to the old norms of the cruel activity, by sacrificing a human being on the base of a building. He did sac rice a builder. This incident is only, a presentation of the time and thought of those days. The peasants, who lived on the banks of the river, Nirayur their tragic existence, their struggle for earning a livelihood, the sacrifice. of young farmer boys ,are revealed and how they progressed in their thought and sensibility. .Devatani, who retreats to her rooms, after filling the gaps of words, is a strong character,. Vatsala is not concerned with the stagnant times, but with the changing of the modality of life. “The river flows, and who can obstruct a running river, its flow to the sea of life!”