Dhushyanthannum Bheemannummillatha lokam

E.P. Rajagopal about this book, “The journey, from the specific situations of a woman to the common life fronts by Vatsala is wide and various. Therefore her feminine thoughts basically decide the background and growth of her stories. Where there no gender preferences also the spell appears. Importance comes on their own, and the stress is on feminine life. Having taken the hints into consideration her stories could be read with another impression. The text concerns with a variety of climax.”
“ My Sewing Machine’ is an exclusive story of an old spinster who falls in love with her machine and the sole attraction and love between them acquires a human touch.’
The title story is feminine in outlook and narrative tone. One can adjudge it a Fabian story, written beautifully and with utmost care and not a word is misplaced nor does the atmosphere have nothing more than natural.