Kanal (The Live Coal)

This is a book of intense love. She, Anuradha, has eloped from her Village, her home, her children and from her memories.” Her husband accompanies. Santha Kumar. She is afraid when she reaches the city. The city of her early youth, the city from which she had tried to escape and the city where she clutched to survive. That is the truth. The city on the brink of the roaring sea. “Except from the novel, Kanal.” She has come again to the city after fifteen years of married life. Now she looked down from the balcony of the star hotel. She was at the same highway, but in a convent hostel, which stood with its back to the road front. The concrete wall separated the nuns from the girls…. She travels along the paths of conciousness and unconciousness and feels the ice tower of old love crumbling to nothingness. She feels that it is not right. Her mind is negating its self control. The words of fire and beaurty illuminate the valleys of the minds and penetrate into the depths as the writer has done, in her previus works. The teenage love of Anuradha is like live coal hidden in her mind. A novel in one hundred and sixty pages.