Karuttha Mazha Peyyunna Thazhvara (The Vally of Black Rains)

The father was looking to the direction where the bus was to come. The son looked to opposite. The last bus to the down city was late. Sudharman thought that the only means to escape from the cold stricken valley is the bus. He kept the face of the vehicles like his friend’s. He was sad when one did not come. —- The driver, his father’s acquaintance, stopped the bus just near his feet. The bus rushed through the black tunnels toward the city
One other story in the collection reveals the complex thoughts of Murali leaving the city where he had worked a life-time. At the end of a long journey of nostalgia he comes to a conclusion and starts on a new life because the disillusionment tells him, why should he worry, if he was born a few years before? He should continue more energetically