Koonychoottile Velicham (The Light behind the Flight Stairs)

The eleventh and the twelfth stories are about two little children,
Kunhi Othenan son of Kannaman a tribe’s man was happy to leave schooling at the instant his Father Kannaman wanted him to take charge of his two buffaloes to the forest to graze. He wanted to visit the unlimited expanse of the forest, which he was used to go with uncles, to hunt small animals to catch wild poultry, to cage parrots and the like. His own father was too lazy to work and there were five siblings to feed. His mother was not in favour of her young child’s going out to graze the huge animals. Kunhi Othenan stayed with the animals, throughout day. And once he did not come home for long hours. His mother had spotted out some strange attitude in him, these last days. She waited and waited until the middle of night, and the owls were on waiting and complaining upon their roof for not getting a prey, even a simple cat or a rodent. The parents retired for the night and soon fell asleep. They opened their eyes in the early morning to see their eldest son sleeping peacefully, in the hay basket
The mother called him out and the child opened his eyes, but looked at the animal amicably and rather forgot his home. His young eyes shone bright from the cow-shed and he seems to have an affinity to the animal world. Here the story breaks off leaving the reader in an open ended riddle.