Kottayile Prema (Prema in the forth)

“She has come to a pack of slaves. Without withdrawing her iron look of compassion, , she stood in front of the steel door She was late. The door was partially closed. The security guard took out his cigar. He was longing to have a smoke. He threw away the empty match box.. The sunshine within the compound was pale. She took out her handkerchief wiped her face delicately and carefully. She stopped before the guard. “Who are you?’
“I want to get in.”
You did not mention your name.
A new prisoner!
The guard set out a loud laugh. Then thought for a while. Put his cigar in his pocket. His face strained to a strange smile. He shook his head. The Big Mother has not yet come!
Let her come.
What will you do until then? He asked
I will wait and I don’t sign
He led her along the long veranda.
That is how a call- girl came to join a school as a teacher of hundreds of girls. In another story a girl from the marginalized communities comes to join a city school where she does not fit.
Vatsala narrates stories of the uncommon people, who are not in the main-stream