Thirakkil Alpam Sthalam(A Narrow Space in the Rush)

Stories by Vatsala capturing the breathe of one’s own surroundings, analyzing, the salt of pain, the sweetness of happiness leading through the heavenly moments of creation, the blessings of language are the stories. In each story life pulsates when the reader experiences them.
“The Fly Over” Fly Over is an emotional jump from the old civilization to the present day global
Culture. And. Life is no more the same as of old times and it is really pathetic for the village people and nauseating to the younger generation, though they had always been for a change!
“Lopa mudra is a mythical story depicting the feminist spirit of olden times. Lopamudra is in contrast with Felicity Fernandez who is a modern woman educated and conventionally trained as a
“Look at one other story named the “bedstead “! Without seeing the wild ridden paddy field ignorant of the ripe pearls of tears falling down from his wife’s eyes, the man is engrossed in search another thing and paddling away. “One who is a misfit in the Fort, A wall around and the Wet Crackers, The Prize, The Valley of Destruction is some equally important stories.” S.P.C.S.
“The Paths of Independence” Vatsalayude Kathakal the Selected Works {stories} of Vatsala published by S.P.C.S. and The Mathrubhumi {the first volume containing 40 stories. “The bargaining of couples in the marriage market is a dirty system with

its inevitable soullessness and hypocrisy, prevalent, in every old society. She searches relentlessly from the dark ages, and the darker world, a way towards the enlightened world of love and bondage between man and wife. Without a name , a being bedecked with chains and bangles, a band in the neck, a thing to be presented for consumption only , perhaps by a stranger for a husband, With a n identity, an address, with a cry about the lost self, the feminine cry is heard through ages in almost every uncivilized house hold. The woman remains voiceless throughout her whole life, remains a stranger to her own husband. This is the predictability of women in the present world with its money and entertainment everywhere to be seen. Vatsala wrote story in 1992 titled, Ammayude Makan {the mother’s boy child} the sensibility invoked by this single story will not disappear from the world of readers soon for a long time to come.” Wrote K.E.N., the critic