Unikkoran Chathopathiya

The first part is novellas. The most slender emotion in a human mind is beautifully depicted. The basic longing of the human mind is the underlying strength of Vatsala’s creativity. Our hidden dreams are transformed to a blissful entity. The dreams are born; the emotions are crystallized in the stories. The school teacher Unikkoran moves along the ridge in the field, a book under his arm. He is going away from home, his job in search of a mysterious and beautiful place, Bengal. He knows by heart everything mattered to Bengal. The great city of Kolkotta, the petty women passing the city streets, the ideological existence of great civilization the classic art and literature of the fictional place attracted and enchanted him to a great extend. It was long wish to him to go and witness himself of the mythical existence. The longing and the sublime feeling pushed him on a long   trip. But he was disillusioned at the first sight of early morning city. The call girls coming out of the city, he poor people thronging the narrow lanes, the fume and dust arising out of nowhere
Parasupuram Chanda is a social satire against the system of dowry prevalent deep in the society, where young eligible men are being nurtured like oxen in a pen and the fathers are bidding the price for him in the marriage market. This was enacted through out Kerala once.