Annamaria Neridan

Sumangala applied for three months leave but got only for two, because the officer thought, the event was one of their whims to go around. . And a slip disk is not such a serious illness to abstain from duty. Her husband had been admitted to one of those expensive nursing homes where it was like staying at a star hotel very expensive and coveted  many .It was a mid- summer day. And she could not wait for an auto. She struggled through the city roads, heaving and sweating out , not remembering to open her umbrella which was under her arm in a closed and wound up condition
Her husband chandrapalan was having a nap, under an injection, and the wife blamed about the high dose of anesthesia or painkiller. His brother approached with a bundle of medicine, Sumangala arranged the bottles and cartons beautifully on the side table. Yet the patient did not open his eyes. And several visitors came